About Us

Renew Life Today is a CBD brand that is focused on helping people and their pets. Our products are made to help you and your furry friends get the most out of your lives.

We believe in CBD as a viable medicinal option that can help people not only recover from pain and manage their anxiety, but provide overall health benefits. We know the struggles that can come with using traditional prescription medications. A lot of the time they don’t work, and many times they can have horrible side effects or addictive attributes that end up giving you more problems than you initially had to begin with. Nobody wants to deal with that, which is why we think that our CBD products are an excellent way to start getting control of your life in a natural way that will not leave you wondering if treating your symptoms is actually worth taking your medication. We aren’t going to tell you that CBD is a miracle cure and that your every ailment will be swept away if you eat one of our completely delicious gummies, but we will say that CBD is proving to be effective for a lot of people and you might be one of them. We stand by our products and we use them ourselves because we believe that they work.

Our story begins with a person, not a business idea. The CEO of Renew Life Today knows what it is like to suffer from chronic pain. For all of her life, she had been active and ready to chase down any challenge. She loved taking long hikes with her dogs and exploring the world around her with friends. Unfortunately, life did what life does and she soon found herself on the wrong side of a few different surgeries. Her once active lifestyle was now met with pain any time that she tried to embrace it. This resulted in what we can safely call a complete identity crisis. Her pain left her locked away by herself because she really couldn’t enjoy herself when she left the house. This left her feeling isolated and unhappy with her life.

As time continued to pass, the pain continued to grow. She spent time taking medications that did not work or would leave her groggy and out of touch. Before long, she found her new profession to be making excuses not to attend plans with friends because she couldn’t bear to suffer or to let them see how much pain she was in. Soon, she had lost everything of value in her life in many ways. She couldn’t embrace her hobbies. She couldn’t bond with her pets. She couldn’t spend time with friends. As would be expected, her anxiety began to compound at the prospect of losing control over her life, and then finally a deep depression overtook her.

With her life crumbling around her, she ended up at a gas station. This was a completely ordinary gas station, but when she went to check out, she realized that they were selling CBD oil. Driven by a combination of wanting to have a laugh and also a deep-rooted desperation that drove her to wish for a world where some cheap gimmick from a gas station would solve all of her problems and let her take the reigns of her life back. On that day, she rolled her eyes and bought the CBD oil, feeling certain that she was wasting her money.

Life has a way of humbling us when we lose hope, and this proved to be quite a learning opportunity. Two weeks into taking the shady gas station CBD oil, she began to feel notably better. At first, she brushed it off as nothing more than a fluke. Clearly something had shifted and she just wasn’t feeling as bad as she normally did, but of course the pain would return. As she continued to use the oil in question, not only did her pain continue to recede while her comfort levels drastically improved, but her mood began to lift. The change of mood might have been caused by her sudden ability to feel in control of her body again or it might have been the oil, but something had definitely changed.

As she began to look into CBD oil and other products, it became clear how many people were jumping into the industry to simply make money. Her gas station CBD oil, while helpful, was a mass produced product that wasn’t made in the way that she wanted to see. Over time, she began experimenting with new brands and working to determine what products improved her health and which ones did not. Her situation continued to improve and before long she was back to spending time with friends and her dogs, and enjoying her life.

The more she began to think about how drastic of an impact CBD made on her life, an idea began to form. The products being made, while good, sometimes felt disingenuous. She began to research and made her own plans to produce her very own CBD product that would not only provide her with relief, but would be a product line that she could share with others in hopes that her products might help them in the same way that they help her.

Now, a little while later, Renew Life Today has officially been born. These products are made to help with everything ranging from pain to anxiety to whatever you want to try. This all natural and preservative free line is perfect for those who are looking to see if CBD might be right for them. Our products come in a variety of options so there is truly something for everyone, even your pets. We are far from being the only CBD company in the market, but we love our products and we believe in what we do. We hope that our products will give you the very same relief that they do us.