• What Is CBD?

    CBD is the common name for cannabidiol, which is a component derived from hemp plants that has many uses. This molecule can be taken from both hemp and marijuana, but in our case, we collect high quality CBD from hemp in order to avoid the psychotropic effects of THC.

  • Is CBD Legal?

    Due to recent changes in legalization within marijuana, hemp products have been completely legalized. This means that it is not only legal to make CBD products from hemp, but they can also be sold freely in a commercial capacity. This is why you are now able to purchase these products online and in stores.

  • Why Should I Take CBD?

    While we believe that everyone has something to gain from taking CBD, the more common uses for it are health related. People like to use CBD products to alleviate pain, decrease anxiety, even out moods, lower inflammation, and increase appetite. As studies continue to be carried out, we can expect to learn more about the powers of CBD. Currently research is even being done to determine the effects of CBD on cancer!

  • What Kind of CBD Products Are There?

    We offer a few different kinds of CBD products in order to meet your needs. We offer edible options, tinctures, and topical treatments. This means that you can either enjoy a CBD-infused snack, use a quick acting liquid designed to provide fast relief, or use creams to alleviate your physical suffering.

  • Is CBD Safe For Animals?

    Many CBD products are hitting the market to help with various animal needs. Popular uses include pain and anxiety management. CBD is quickly becoming an effective way to battle separation anxiety in animals. It is also effective for putting them in unusual circumstances like traveling in a car or by plane. Though you should always be careful with how much you give your pets, CBD is safe for most pets.

  • Is CBD The Same As Marijuana?

    Many people think that taking CBD is the same thing as taking marijuana. While you can obtain CBD from marijuana plants, our CBD comes from hemp. Hemp and marijuana are often confusing for people because most people believe that they are the same plant when they are not. If you are seeing CBD available in stores or freely online outside of a dispensary, it was derived from hemp.

  • Will CBD Get Me High?

    A common mistake that people make with CBD is believing that it will get them high. THC is the psychoactive compound found in marijuana plants. While there can be trace amounts of this in some CBD products, the amount is so low it will not effect the user unless they take an unbelievable amount of CBD. Under no circumstances will CBD make you feel high.

  • Will CBD Make Me Fail A Drug Test?

    Since marijuana is still factored into drug tests, many people worry that taking CBD will cause them to fail a test. If you obtain your CBD products from a dispensary, it is possible for them to have notable amounts of THC. However, CBD derived from hemp only contains trace amounts of THC. This means that you would need to take an unrealistically high dose before any notable amount of THC can build up in your system.

  • Is CBD Safe?

    CBD is a completely safe product with no known side effects. The worst case with CBD, excluding instances where a person might have an allergy to something in the product, is that the user might not experience the relief that they were looking for. CBD is not addictive and is helpful and safe for people and pets.