Animal Tincture 30ml

Animal Tincture 30ml

Animal Tincture 30ml

Price: $39.99

Product Description

30ml contains 300mg

Ingredients: Flavouring, Hemp isolate, MCT OIL.



Though we all know that CBD can be pretty great for us, we are happy to let you know that CBD also has plenty of benefits for your pets. Our hemp oil for pets is designed to help your pets live their absolute best lives in complete comfort.

Our Hemp Can Be Used To Assist With The Following Conditions:

    • Anxiety Relief
    • Pain Management
    • Joint Support

Many pets find themselves uncomfortable in certain circumstances like visiting new places, getting in the car, or taking a trip to the vet. Our hemp oil is perfect for helping your favorite furry friend to find their inner calm so that they can enjoy a life without stress.

CBD is an effective way to manage pain for animals. This can be better than giving them pain medications that might make them groggy or grumpy. Since CBD has no known side effects, it is a great way to get your pet relief without causing them further problems.

A common problem for pets is joint pain. Whether they are experiencing arthritis or need additional hip support, CBD is a great way to help reduce inflammation so that your pets can find comfort. This doesnt only alleviate pain, but in some cases can also help to slow conditions before they get worse.

Our Hemp Oil Is Good For The Following Pets:

    • Dogs
    • Cats
    • Horses


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